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Launches 12W E27 LED Bulb
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2013-11-12 | Visits:

recently introduced a 12W LED Bulb, 
LED light bulb is a low power, high efficiency LED light bulb product that belongs to the E27 lamp series. As the lamp holders is the most commonly adopts by E27, the installation is very simple and easy and you do not need to replace the lamp. Due to the application of high energy-saving, and the advanced cooling technologies, LED light bulb's service life can reach to 50,000 hours. At the same time, it does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful materials and toxic substances, so it is good for our health. the traditional lights contain hazardous substances which does harm against to our health once the bulb is broken. However,  will help you completely avoid the occurrence of such damage. LED light bulb has a wide adjustable dimming range. It can bring you a healthy and comfortable life with soft and comfortable light.

Low power consumption, usually a 10W LED bulb can be replacement for a traditional incandescent bulb of 60W. Qualified driver helps increasing 5%~10% efficiency than contemporary
    The items are fine aluminum material;Consequently the heat-dispersion performance is much better. This ensures the long service life of the light and low light attenuation rate of light source.
    Unique &Scientific design with quality chips and rational quadric optional light distribution make it stable, safe to use and free from glare.
    Circuit design: wide voltage range (AC85~265V) and wide frequency, high efficiency, brightness, CRI and power factor.
    Extended life span of more than 50,000 hours
    Multi-colored light source
    High shock & vibration resistant
    Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
    No UV or RF interference
    Easy installation and easy maintenance
    Quick response
    Wide application

For more information please visit 12W E27 LED bulb

If you are interested in our LED bulbs, please feel free to contact me via email: According to our long-terms market research and product test, we are very excited at the performance of our LED bulb light and believe that they can positively meet the market demand as a good replacement of traditional bulb lights in the retrofit projects.

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