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LED store building have five problems
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2013-8-12 | Visits:

Green, environmental protection, long life, low power, LED with its obvious advantages, many manufacturers are becoming the object of pursuit. In the upper reaches of many strong companies have joined the chip technology, packaging technology research and development; in the downstream, the traditional lighting companies are scrambling to be launched LED projects. However, with the LED manufacturing sector in R & D compared to the hot, LED terminal of the channel construction is a bit slow. Currently, the professional management of LED lighting manufacturers have been thousands, but in the end of the market, specializing in LED products, but very few businesses operate, LED store in the market is also relatively rare. Recently, I store building on the topic with the LED industry to exchange, learn to do the LED store, you must have a good foundation.

Multiple factors constraining the development of LED store

Establishment of shops, both for product sales promotion, brand image, attract consumers, or the propaganda of corporate culture, product display and promotion and so play a crucial role. Meanwhile, the store also carries the product after-sales service capabilities will help enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and market satisfaction. However, the LED store in the country's slow pace of building there. The reason, mainly in the following five constraints.

1. single product line

July 8, I visited Zhongshan City Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager of Long-color high into the hair. Long-color lighting business since 2003 on LED lighting products to LED decorative lights, lights with other mainly. With the growing LED market booming, this year, the total has increased in the high LED's input, the company invited the celebrity endorsements, LED is also active in the store building. However, the high total admitted, the LED is a real sense of the stores are not stores, due to the company's LED product line for further expansion, fullness, the current LED product lines can not support a single store operation, therefore, in the shop, also need to put up energy-saving lamps, fluorescent tubes, downlights, spotlights and other products.

This situation is similar to high total LED lighting is currently a lot of the problems faced by manufacturers. As a store, it needs to provide a rich, wide range of products to consumer customers into the store to choose, so as to attract, retain live customers. Meanwhile, the store also need multi-level product portfolio to share the rent and other cost pressures. A single product line greatly affect the profitability of store LED, LED store become the first major development constraints.

2. expensive

Prices of consumer buying behavior in the most sensitive factor in the competitive environment of the "watershed." Currently, LED technology is still the core of the chip lies in the hands of foreign brands, domestic LED production manufacturing costs remain high, which makes LED lighting in the terminal market price without competitive advantage. A fluorescent tube, energy saving lamp as long as a few dollars, ten dollars, and LED lighting is required on a hundred dollars, which for the majority of consumers, it is difficult to accept. Thus, while the total cost of LED lamps (including the acquisition cost + Energy cost + maintenance cost + the cost of waste disposal) than incandescent and fluorescent light is low, but consumers still purchase cost of the selection criteria, and do not care about high quality or features. Combined with the original old consumer products prone to consumption mindset, and worried about buying a new product will bring their own risk of loss and uncertainty, therefore, LED lighting has not been popularized in the civilian market applications. If the LED lighting product engineering needs only to respond to the words, LED store opened it appears not important.

3. lack of professionals

As LED technology content, and belong to a new sunrise industries, present, LED is facing a professional, high-end embarrassing lack of personnel, which has to a certain extent, affected the LED store building. Traditional low-tech lighting, slightly trained Purchasing Guide, you can product features, characteristics, methods used to convey clarity to the customer. LED products are unique because, at present, many factory owners, sales of LED-related technology, product characteristics are in a little knowledge of the state, but regardless of the business, the Purchasing Guide for the appropriate training. On the one hand, consumers know very little of the LED, need a professional shopping guide on hand to explain the advantages and characteristics of the product; the other hand, the existing sales staff could not do this task, it will increase the store's business difficult.

LED to be set up stores, manufacturers and merchants must be injected into their professional talents, and enhance the professional knowledge of LED training to enhance their new product development trends of the industry's attention and insight, and through regular training, so that they have lighting solutions to provide customers with the ability. Professional shopping guide talent is a key factor in improving store sales, this one's soft power Should not keep up, you must restrict the store's development.

4. brand absence

For stores, it generally requires more standardized, uniform, standard image and operation mechanism, which requires LED lighting manufacturers with high brand influence and market operations, to the daily operation of the business, management of all aspects of guidance. Currently, LED rise time is only two or three years only, well-known LED lighting business is still in early development, production stage, the influence on the market has not yet appeared brand of LED, LED market is still in a state of feudal infighting. Uneven quality, lack of leadership brands, which makes a lot of business cooperation in the choice of manufacturers when the LED is very confused. I know of a LED to store, its agents LED store up to more than 10 brands, and more are some of the second and third tier brands. This mixed state, from our store truly a far cry from the LED.

5. product positioning is not clear

Some time ago, I had visited an energy-saving lamp enterprises, Jiangmen. The company is preparing to launch LED projects. In the company's LED lightingf products in the Chamber, I see outdoor lighting, LED lights, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places with the LED lamp, LED lighting and the ceiling and other household products readily available. Currently, many companies launched LED one-sided pursuit of large projects, whether it is outdoor lighting or indoor lighting, whether it is power, or low-power, as long as the LED is on. Some companies even more "hungry", who can make money to do it. However, operating stores, requires a clear product positioning, and consumer demand combined with a breakdown for different functions, different environmental factors to varying degrees of product differentiation combined. This can help the store late publicity and marketing.

■ Summary

LED store is to open the embodiment of comprehensive strength, and not simply put money on it. It requires companies with extensive product line, high brand impact, professional marketing team and superior product quality. LED store is the future market development trend, therefore, companies now need to address these five issues, as early preparation, the upper hand.

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