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how to install led light strip
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2014-4-12 | Visits:

Now LED strip lighting can be regarded as an indispensable product decoration, one of the six points to note when buying factor. LED lights because the production threshold is low, there are many factories and workshops of this project, resulting in LED strip light market was mixed, the production quality is uneven. No relevant knowledge and experience people tend to buy the bad light of being cheated. But those who have experienced or have the means to identify, produce regular manufacturer of LED strip light and cottage version of the LED strip light (ie, manual work in the rental period depends on the products produced) is a sight from the appearance out. Here we talk about how to identify the LED light with the eyes of the good or bad quality:
        1, see the solder joints. Regular LED strip light manufacturers to produce the LED lights is the use of SMT chip technology, solder paste and reflow soldering production. Thus, LED strip light on the amount of solder joints is relatively smooth and not many joints cylindrical arc-shaped LED from the FPC to the electrode pad at the extension office. The cottage version of LED light amount of the solder joints is uneven, mostly a dot wrap fillet, and have varying degrees of tin tip appeared, which is typical of manual welding.
        2, see FPC quality. FPC sub-rolled copper and copper are two kinds of Bonded Copper of copper foil is protruding, then look from the pad and the connection of FPC seen. The rolling of copper and FPC is closely connected as one, and can bend and will not appear any pad off phenomenon. Bonded Copper pad will appear if bent too much off, when the temperature is too high maintenance can also cause the pad off.
        3, see the LED strip light surface cleanliness. If the SMT technology and production of LED strip light, the surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and dirt. However, if the hand-welding production Knock LED strip light, no matter how clean the surface, there will be residual traces of the stain and cleaning, while the surface of the FPC will be flux residue and solder residue.
        4, see the packaging. Regular LED lights will use anti-static packaging trays volume, usually 5 m or 10 m roll of a roll, and then outside and then use anti-static bag sealed moisture-proof. The cottage version of the LED strip light because of cost savings, while the use of recycled material disk volume, then there is no proof anti-static bags, a close look at the volume tray can be seen that the appearance of a clear label traces and scratches.
        5, see the label. Regular LED lights and the volume of bags will have printed material above the disk label instead of printing the label. The cottage version of the label is printed, and specifications and parameters are not uniform.
        6, see Annex. Regular LED lights will be attached inside the box with instructions and lamp specifications, and will be equipped
LED strip light connector or deck; The cottage version of the LED strip light inside the box there is no such attachment because Some manufacturers, after all, could save the province.
LED strip lights lighting to pay attention to what
        1, the brightness of the requirements for different occasions and different products with different requirements of the LED brightness. For example, if the LED light on some of the jewelry counter inside large shopping malls, we will have a higher brightness attractive, but also a decorative LED lighting and can be divided into a colorful LED lights with different products.
        2, anti-static capabilities: ESD anti-static capabilities of the LED, long life, but the price will be higher. Usually higher than 700V or more static the best.
        3, the same wavelength and color temperature of the LED, the color will be consistent with this combination of large quantities of lamps are particularly important. Which do not produce the same light color too.
        4, the reverse leakage current is conductive when the LED current, we propose to use a smaller leakage current of LED lighting products.
        5, water capacity, LED lights for outdoor and indoor requirements is not the same.
        6, LED light-emitting angle of the LED lights a great impact on the very different lighting requirements, such as 
LED strip light a 140-170 degree we recommend that place. The other we do not explain in detail here.
        7, LED chip core quality of the decision LED, LED chip brands that there are many foreign brands (such as CREE, Nichia, etc.), but also China Taiwan (such as Canton Ga, wafer, etc.). Price difference between different brands very much.
        8, LED chip size also determines the quality and brightness of the LED, we choose, they also try to choose a bigger chip, but the price difference.
        LED strip light installation instructions
        First, the main structure and scope of
        LED strip lamp with high thermal conductivity 6063 aluminum, the appearance of high-grade fine, light use of U.S. imports Puri chips 5050 SMD LED. For jewelry, display counters, lighting, home villas, shopping malls, hotels, office lighting, decorative lighting, leisure places, is ideal to replace the traditional fluorescent tube lamps.
         Second, the structural parameters
        Input Voltage: 220V
        Operating voltage: 12V
        Power: 13.2W
        Strip Length: 1m
        Output luminous flux: 1040lm
        CRI: 85
        Light Source: LED0.2W * 66pcs / m
        Color temperature :2700-7500K
        Color: Silver
        Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
        Humidity :10-90RH
        Electric shock rating: Ⅱ class
        Use drive: constant current drive, stable, safe and reliable
        Photometric Type: 120 °
        Photometric mode: selected light source, the LED light color better, even centralized spot, no noise, no dark shadows
        Connection: Terminal Link
       Third, steps
        1 Check the chimney, light bar, finishing with a variety of supporting components and accessories are complete;
        2, according to the length of the counter, the processing of shade to match the length of the intercept, and then ends processing 45 ° cutting angle
        3. Lampshade around the counter to open at both ends of the inside diameter of 3.5mm, respectively, through-hole to pad connections and fixed;
        4 light pipes under part of the distinction between the two left and right ends of M3 holes, and triangular blocks in order to connect;
        5 to the lamp to be installed into the light of the appropriate size, connected together by triangular block;
        6. Shadowless adhesive with the fixed block in the corresponding openings around the chimney inside the glass;
        7 with screws to connect a good shade fixed on the counter;
        8 fitted over poles;
        9. Install the driver. Mind when installing the input and output ports, the connection light of the attention is negative connection. Red for the positive connection, black for the negative connection.
        IV Notes
        1 correct installation of the LED driver and LED lights;
        2.12V 3.2A drive access LED strip the company can not exceed 4m, 12V 5A drive access LED strip the company can not exceed 5m;
        3. Cut off the power before installation operation;
        4 products must be installed by professionals.

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