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Crystal Ceiling Light
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2012-3-12 | Visits:

As the name suggests, is a ceiling, made ​​of crystal materials, adsorption or embedding the roof ceiling. A gorgeous, elegant features. Generally expensive, are high-end hotels and villas and other places use. Divided into traditional and LED Crystal light . In recent years in response to national energy saving, LED crystal ceiling lights has been great progress. Mainly light with LED light beads. At the same time can control the color of light sources, to colorful effect. But it can not reflect the characteristics of crystal light, because instead of using incandescent light source, so does not produce a unique reflection of crystal light, flashing effect.LED Crystal Ceiling lights market, so many did not use the crystal as a decoration, the direct use of the glass. Also make the cost greatly reduced, into the homes of ordinary people's homes, flat low-pressure crystal lights.
Traditional crystal ceiling
light, incandescent light is used as a light source, crystal as a decoration. Hotels and other places has been used, generally requires custom. Manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhongshan, cross bar area which Kobble lighting and a number of large-scale factory has been adhering to traditional crystal lighting R & D and production of the road.

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