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LED par lights
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PAR lights is stands for "Parabolic Aluminum Reflector dish-shaped aluminum reflector" refers to the metal halide lamp reflector cup package

LED par lights parameters
Power Input: AC100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz Max power: 12-186W beam divergence angle: 25 °, 15,30 DMX channels: 7, 8-channel light source: 1W, 3W, 5W LED 1 Protocol: USITT DMX-512 control modes: DMX, Auto run mode of operation: master slave, Stand alone, Sound

Pa lamp types
LED par light, LED par light aluminum die-casting, 54W LED par lights, 24W LED par lights, 36W LED par lights, 108WLED par lights, 162W LED par lights, LED par 64

Use of
Application: disco, discos, bars, nightclubs and a variety of large-scale performance venues editing instructions in this section
1, the lamp can be installed in any location, as well as light and the distance or other people should be more than 1 million, be sure to lock the light, should make adequate security precautions.
2.Make a certain voltage and frequency to meet the power and connections in the right light, and then open it.
Make sure the power is disconnected to maintain, if you want to open or maintain light.Keep light dry, will remain the most light output, if you often clean
The light, but also extend the use professional glass cleaning solution when cleaning it.Don 'T use of alcohol or chemical liquid to clean it and clean the vacuum cleaner light at least once a year.
Warning Be careful when you install it.
Do not water or other liquid near the product.
Do not install in high temperature environment. Light and other objects in the distance should be at least 0.5 meters.
Do not stare into the beam, otherwise it will hurt your eyes.
To confirm that the power off, then open and repair the light. .
Must be professional and technical personnel maintenance, light-emitting diode light is not.

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