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LED car light the advantages
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2010-11-12 | Visits:

LED car light advantages:
1, Long life: Life 5-10 million hours, generally without changing the life of the vehicle;

2, save money: the original car with the incandescent lamp, a 21 watt on; led only 1 watt more than a car. The entire vehicle a total of less than 100 watts it! Saving that is fuel-efficient, less fuel-efficient 100 liters this year;

3, free tickets: As LED car lights long life, avoiding the sudden loss of light due to the move to the ticket;

4, the circuit safety: car lighting circuit from a dozen amps of current to less than 1 amp, the circuit may significantly reduce the fire;

5, traffic safety: As the light speed, to brake the car after a long time, according to measured 100 kilometers per hour, allowing shorter braking distance after the car 7.5 meters. (From your incandescent lights to brake to a few hundred milliseconds, LED lights as long as tens of nanoseconds) refused to be rear-ended;

6, High brightness: Compared to the traditional light bulb, led auto light color is more pure, higher brightness and lasting non-fade, there is a better warning;
7, high strength: LED car light shock resistance, impact resistance far superior to ordinary light bulbs, and small size, adaptability to environment and so on.

led lights principles:
     LED car lights is a principle of the use of electronic light-emitting cold light source emitting light; a micro-heat, low power consumption, widely used in communications, transportation, aerospace and other high-tech field; abroad and first used in automotive signal lighting on the instrument, it's a long wavelength, penetrating power, transient response is good, light without delay, long life, usually no one is external damage, a considerable number of years with a car is scrapped, the working current is one-twelfth of the traditional light bulb, both to protect the power lines, but also reduce the power load of the entire vehicle, reducing engine wear and fuel consumption, the future direction of the field of automobile and motorcycle.

      Suitable for all types of car modification of traditional glass bulb; available in various models for different voltage, LED number, lamp one hundred various colors and a variety of models

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