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LED heat sink selection
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2010-9-12 | Visits:

To design or select a suitable radiator, not only to ensure that the radiator has good looks, easy processing, low prices, more importantly, to meet the cooling requirements of the LED chip, LED working temperature is kept within the specified range inside.
First we look at the impact of LED lights junction temperature factors. According to our experience, affect the LED junction temperature factors were summarized as follows for your reference:
1. LED Panel Lights -
LED light power: the greater the power the higher the junction temperature
Chip light-emitting efficiency: the same power, the chip light-emitting efficiency is higher, the less heat, lower the junction temperature
Lamp beads and distribution: the same power, the greater the aluminum plate, lamp beads, the more, the more uniform distribution, the lower the junction temperature
2. LED aluminum plate and radiator connection (between the aluminum plate and heat sink thermal resistance) -
Aluminum: Aluminum plate is directly connected with the radiator plate and aluminum than aluminum (eg aluminum plate is too small, not directly connected with the radiator, to be plus aluminum) and then connected with the LED junction temperature of the radiator is low; aluminum plate substrate surface roughness is generally the better the lower the junction temperature
Connection: In the case of mechanical connections a small amount of thermal grease coating, LED junction temperature is generally lower
3 radiator - the smaller the heat sink thermal resistance LED junction temperature, the lower
4 Ambient temperature - ambient temperature, the lower the lower the LED junction temperature
As can be seen from the above factors in order to reduce the junction temperature of LED lights, first select the appropriate light board, in certain circumstances the power, LED chips higher luminous efficiency, the heat generated when the work less, so try to use light-emitting efficient chip production light board. In the light board and the drive power to determine the circumstances, in addition to optimize the connection, the LED junction temperature affect the most important factor is the size of the selected heat sink thermal resistance, the smaller the heat sink thermal resistance, LED junction temperature is lower, longer lamp life. The impact of factors on heat sink thermal resistance has been previously described in detail, the user can according to their actual requirements and to communicate with the heat sink manufacturers, heat sink thermal resistance of the application of knowledge through rational analysis and their own experience, the best established a reasonable mathematical model to select or design a more appropriate LED radiator.

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