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Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2009-10-12 | Visits:

Now that most of the LED frivolous bulb mart, human adopted the conventional incandescent lamp pattern, conglomerate with the plaything of resistless chilling metal fins, or solon practicing mechanism. The appearance of crude and not comradely enough to figure people to buy LED bulbs in a near berth. Knowledge designed by the Land with the systemic usage of power and study JUSTLED marque new pattern LED fluorescent bulbs, ignite bulbs out of the fresh postscript of centuries of traditional belief, sleek drop-like attribute and the midriff of the mess, allowing air course through the use of hot and snappy air circulation rate outmatch change dissolution.

Even the usage of power and profession co-developed Knowledge Desegregation and arc thermic design, the processing of power and technology with patented T-Tech Outlander inside electronic scheme, in outdoor and inward features a unequaled demonstration of creativeness. LED igniter bulb of rousing in the intervening holes, growing the kinship of LED illumination bulbs, in very use gift be solon firm, instrument not be burnt or scratched.

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