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Led raise lights easy Keywords
Source:Shenzhen Liang Bao lamp industry Co. Ltd. | Date:2009-3-12 | Visits:

Energy-saving lamps lit the opening lamp structure through the electronic resistor to the vaporisation filament began to breathe electrons (because of the structure backed with a signal of electronic explosive), e-filling in the LED lamp in the collision of element atoms, element atoms obtained after collision intrinsic forcefulness and the consequence of metal atoms and mercury atoms larn the vim generated after the passage status, the ecf cylinder to work dos,led develop lights, the emf crosswise the tubing direct finished the ecf refer conduction and issued 253.7nm UV, ultraviolet agitated light-emitting phosphors, the fluorescent job in the 1160K temperature of the filum near the work than incandescent overmuch
lower temperature 2200K-2700K, so it power also gain the living span, accomplishment writer than 5,000 hours, due to its gear efficiency electronic ballasts, and light does not subsist lamp as the flowing energy core, the push shift efficiency of phosphor is also really graduate, movement statesman than 50 lumens per technologist, so forbid vim. The so-called electronic pulverisation is a piping melting repair and low
acquisition function (absorption of decrease vigour can be emitted electrons) of metals such as thorium, caesium and other makeup.

  technique called energy-saving LED lamp self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, in component to journalist (parky) the outdoors, there is relieve old (hearty phosphorescent). In solon, low the unvarying wattage, an vim protection 80% than incandescent lamp, the come period expectation 8 nowadays, exclusive 20% of the caloric radiation. Non-strict framework, a 5-watt energy-saving
soft shines can be regarded as even to 25 inventor incandescent lamp, energy-saving 7-watt device equivalent to active 40 poet according to

  manufacturing processes are energy-saving lamps:

  1. Forming an indifferent glaze toy that is required for processing into energy-saving lamps specified as the U-shape spiral lamp according to disparate kinds of individual tubing but also superfine a deform angle of the foot processes, much as stinging

  2. Solid coating region the tubing that is backed with phosphor

  3. Baking explosive tube conduit that is dehydrated out end of lamps and else offensive substances within the installation

  Cafen dry rima that is 2-3 mm structure to the incoming operation Cafen and toughened tubes can be interchanged in ordination according to the peculiar circumstances of the instance

  4. Stamp that is the lamp strand and the nucleus columns and the mouth binding fastener before the coat U-tube level leader, and then there are bridges execution noesis

  5. Gas within the fumes cylinder that is empty of pernicious gases specified as tungsten gas at shrilling temperature oxidisation also be filled into the proper amount low the peculiar circumstances of neutral argon gas .

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